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    I've only got through the first adventure, and I have to say it's only ok. That's extremely disappointing, considering that the 1st and 2nd PMDs had me hooked immediately, and especially the 2nd kept me going. The 2nd was amazing and they should have only ADDED to its features, instead of messing with them.

    I'll admit that I had to force myself to continue playing in the beginning. There were a lot of things that turned me off of the game that were not problems in the first games. The text speed is PAINFULLY slow and they explain the same things over and over. Am I 3 years old? (spoiler: did they really have to talk to like, 3 people and have a flashback in order to figure out Scraggy stole their gems? Could it have been any more obvious...) The job selecting process is reallllyyy slow and it's kinda sad that we can only go on 1 job per time and all the rewards are materials, but oh well, I'm kinda used to it by now. I'm also really disappointed (I know I know last thing) by the lack of starters. We've already chose Pikachu a thousand times and played through 2 sets of games with the Unova trio, so it wasn't so amazing that we got to play with them again. Also, in the Japanese version, there's a male/female option but they're all males in this game which is also kinda sad because it's the only one that uses obvious pronouns all the time. Oh well.

    OH OH ALSO ALSO can I only be rescued if I know someone who's close to me? I literally have no idea how Streetpass works and they never explain it, but there's no option for password and imo that was HUGE step back.

    The outside dungeon feature is kinda cool, and the 3D is actually ok. I actually really like the move level up feature and I definitely don't miss hunger. The Paradise is kinda cool too.

    so tl;dr i was pretty disappointed by the game, they took like a million steps backwards. They added some new features but they did most if it poorly.

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