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    This story is still being written, and is posted on another forum, but hopefully, this forum will catch up eventually. The Prologue and the first few chapters were written in 2011, so the quality of the writing should go up as the story progresses. This story follows Maylene.

    Rated: PG-13.

    Debut Arc
    §1: A Father Figure
    §2: Childhood Friends
    §3: Who's That Chick?
    Cianwood Arc
    §4: Where She Belongs
    §5: Start Swimming
    §6: We're Standing Firm!
    §7: Companions
    §8: Control The Storm
    §9: The Gathering
    §10: Teamwork
    Memories Arc
    §11: A Long Time Ago
    §12: Leading Sinnoh
    §13: Stronger
    §14: Reunion
    Mahogany Arc
    §15: The Battles Ahead
    §16: Are We Friends?
    §17: Feel The Heart Beat
    §18: What Power Means
    §19: I’m Not The Reason
    Aura Arc
    §20: Broken, Like Me
    §21: Unneeded Powers
    §22: I Cannot See
    §23: Blind Again
    Gym Leaders Arc
    §24: I Can Breathe Now
    §25: A New Spirit
    §26: For The Memories
    §27: The Warm Welcome
    Knot Arc
    §28: Clash
    §29: A Temporary Hue
    §30: To The Shade
    §31: The Lessons
    Battles Arc
    §32: A True Test
    §33: The Softer Side
    §34: You’re Late
    §35: Here’s To You
    §36: Not A Solution
    §37: Becoming
    §38: What You’ve Learnt
    §39: Tightrope
    §40: For Now
    Veilstone Arc
    §41: Actuality
    §42: I Wish They’d Stop
    §43: Torturous Aspiration
    §44: A Simpler Time
    §45: How You’ve Changed
    §46: Your Fault
    §47: Discovering Willpower
    §48: Up To You
    §49: My Turn To Win
    §50: Harmony

    ‘Um… Now, a speech from the guest of honor,’ A young female spoke into a microphone to a room filled with the top trainers of Sinnoh. She had long blonde hair, and was dressed in a complete black outfit. And although she tried to, she couldn’t hide the nervousness in her voice. ‘Um… Let us clap for him.’

    Her face became burning red as she heard her latest statement through the speakers, and a few chuckles were released. But she soon returned to her seat, and gave the stand to a large muscular man wearing only a pair of blue pants, orange shoes, and what seemed like a ripped mask.

    ‘Thank you,’ He said with a hint of accent in his voice. ‘But I think the real guest of honor is you, Cynthia! You’ve been the Champion for less than a month and you’re still handling things amazingly! You’re even younger than me, and stronger!’

    Cynthia blushed again when everyone clapped for her. ‘But to all of Sinnoh,’ The man spoke once more. ‘No human or Pokémon can survive without water, yet water can sometimes cause great suffering,’ Everybody in the room became confused, and looked at each other to see if anyone had understood what the man was trying to say. ‘This is where it gets exciting!’

    Everybody leaned forward, to hear what the man had to say, even though they still could not comprehend his random thoughts. ‘Thank you for accepting me in your ranks!’ He shouted into the microphone, causing everyone to jump out of shock in their seats. ‘I am flattered that you would consider me good enough to become a Sinnoh Gym Leader! Even though I’m from another region, I have seen Sinnoh as where my home really is! I, Crasher Wake, The Torrential Masked Master! I will become a great Gym Leader worthy of the Sinnoh region!’

    The room was silent, and Crasher Wake showed disappointment; he had expected the crowd to cheer as in all of his wrestling matches. ‘Well… Um…’ Cynthia stuttered as she took the microphone back. ‘It’s time to present the guest with his gift…’ She reached into the empty area underneath the microphone stand while Crasher Wake tried to sneak a look.

    After some seconds of rummaging, elbowing Crasher Wake’s knee, bumping her head against the wood of the stand, and a very childish scream, Cynthia produced a Pokémon egg. It was a normal-looking Pokémon egg, the same as all the others obtained from the Day Care. She handed it to Crasher Wake and stuttered her way out of the scene and back into her chair.

    Everyone congratulated Crasher Wake and shook his hand. The trainers formed a line in no specific order, and none of them took more than thirty seconds talking to the new Gym Leader. But he wasn’t prepared for a punch to be delivered to him by a young girl.

    The four-year-old girl had short pink hair and glowing eyes of the same color. She gave a very arrogant grin and slowly prepared to punch again. ‘Excuse my daughter,’ An average-looking man said as he held his daughter from delivering another punch. ‘This is Maylene; she’s quite the troublemaker. I’m the Veilstone Gym Leader. Nice too meet you.’ He offered his free hand to shake, and Crasher Wake accepted it.

    ‘I will beat you! And be Gym Leader!’ The little Maylene said and punched again with her free hand. ‘I am strongest than you!’

    ‘I’m sure you are!’ Crasher Wake laughed and brought his whole body in level with Maylene’s. His eyes met her eyes, and the determination in them almost disturbed Crasher Wake’s balance. ‘I can tell that you’ll be the strongest. Strongest than all of us!’ He reached for his egg and handed it to Maylene. ‘This is yours. An early gift from me to you for becoming a Gym Leader in the future.’
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