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Adding to Necrum's question- remember this is in Johto! You can only pick from Bulbasaur to Celebi!

Luke says I'm a Hoothoot. I don't know what to make of that haha. I might be an Oddish or a Swinub though. Who knows. Someone else try to pin me as one, I legit have no idea lmao.

here's basically a liveblog! because that's how I review things actually!
- ohhh johto theme ♥♥♥ jugglypuff and snubbull and ahhhh
- ohh the animation is so different oh my god
- wow the second little girl is obvs misty's voice
- why is Ash in charge of the money now?
- I'm actually highly entertained by Ash's faces and poses in this episode.
- "I've been meaning to shoplift one" oh Jessie ilu
- y'know, I guess the Pokémon world's year is only 251 days long. Unless they've been duplicating things, but that's not cool.
- James is such a ridic cutie. ♥
- the dialogue in this episode is fantastic omg
- this little kid referring to Brock as a kid haha
- haaaaaaa the flaming Moltres is the most fabulous ever
- James is just really cool okay I love him ♥
- I love when Jessie actually uses Wobbuffet correctly. :D even if only for a moment haha

Ahhh old episode makes me happy. Even though it... wasn't actually that fantastic. ^^; Honestly I wish James' confidence had come out more often, because he genuinely does well when he's not being all timid and a follower. I mean, don't change the hierarchy or anything, but let the boy do some cool stuff! Actually, can we talk about that a bit? How competent James- and Jessie and Meowth- can be when they're a) actually trying and b) not trying to steal Pokémon? I don't really have any proper discussion questions this week sorry. xD;
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