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    Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
    Yay! Thank you! Now I can have actual cute plushies in my hack. :3
    xD, I wanna see good plushies too! Anyway, thanks! If you want you can vote on the poll too xD

    Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
    Hello! I was wondering if you can do freelance trainer sprites (no image reference) or if you prefer having an image.

    Also do you do trainer back sprites? It's not mentioned in the first post, but am curious about it

    To be frank, I'm looking for heroes for my RMXP game, but I can't sprite OWs, back sprites or trainer sprites (summary: cannot sprite lol). I like Dawn's clothing from DPPT and the Hilbert(BW)/Gold(HGSS)'s clothing (so if you want to use these as a base with different colours or something), but I'd prefer the female to be blonde (long hair) and the male to have black hair (gelled upwards in a fauxhawk style). No hats.

    If you need more specifics, I can give them At the moment I'm not too picky, though.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Reason for Request: Hero & Heroine OW/BS/TS/VS Sprite for RMXP Project
    ** You saw Coppermine Town, 'member?
    Time Delay: No rush. A week or two from now is OK by me, given everything I've requested lol
    OW Style: FRLG
    BS/TS/VS Sprite Style: BW or HGSS
    Of course I'll try the OWs and Trainer Sprites (although JNathan's request is long pending...) but I dunno about the backsprites and VS. I'm currently training on these kinds so if you wouldn't mind... anyway I'll add this to the RQ list!

    Originally Posted by ShadowMirror View Post
    ok here you go

    here is homer
    Attachment 67848

    here is marge
    Attachment 67849

    here is bart
    Attachment 67850

    Sure, I'll get working on them... (I've got more requests than I can count...)