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    Originally Posted by Jésrøñ bans View Post
    No ash i just defeated both leagues and caught [b]celebi and saved right in front of it.And now theres no exit.]/b]
    This game is confusing me.
    What can I do inthis situation.
    Do you have bug free version?
    If yes,then post the url or the site name.
    Plz help.needed......

    Can anyone tel me where can I get advance map?
    Per the bolded section, there's your problem. This also happens if you save in certain Gyms with them being partially complete, then reload your save. Seanport and Serenity are two that come to mind. I'm sure many later ones do as well, and I'm certain Drakebreath is among them. However, here's an image of the map connection as shown in AdvanceMap:

    Based on this, enter the following code into your cheats (I've spoilered it) and then try walking into the tree at the map edge, which is the one in your screenshot. Bingo. You should be able to walk straight back out into the map. NOTE TO ASH AND ANYONE ELSE WHO HELPS SOLVE PROBLEMS: Due to this kind of stopper and the Gym problems, the spoilered code really is the best solution for most problems encountered.


    ONLY USE THIS CODE. Don't look for an Emerald, Sapphire, FR, LG, or any other generation code. This hack uses Ruby as a base and therefore you need to use the Ruby cheat to fix this problem.

    I linked to the AdvanceMap thread in my prior post. It's best to visit the links there if you wish to download it. I think on the site they always say link to the site, not direct to the file. I do one better by linking the thread.

    Now to something more interesting. My Dardusk events have inexplicably reset; Solana is hanging around the woods, and Ash is having problems with his Bagon again. This despite me being at Snowce. Nice.

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