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    It's really a case-by-case thing.

    The Internet is a great resource tool and definitely makes acquiring information easier.


    It's what KIND of information you DO acquire that matters.

    A lot of people use the Internet for "good" things like school work, learning about history, other countries, etc.

    But lately, I've found that the Internet is actually a bad thing because of the information you do gain access to. As well, since it is so accessible, literally anything and everything is posted online (unlike back when few people had access to the Internet, circa '98, '00 (less common)) and it's hard to decipher what's true, what's exaggerated, what's biased, what's opinionated, and what's straight-out a big fat lie. Furthermore, since anyone and everyone has access to the Internet nowadays, you see a lot of junk and stupid humour online that I do believe is "dumbing" down this generation's youth. It's unfortunate, but going on Facebook and reading sex jokes and looking at images discussing ejaculation, "jizzing," sexist humour, etc. doesn't make you smarter; rather, it seems to render ignorance and stupidity acceptable, which is overall bad.

    Again, Internet can be good, but how people tend to use it nowadays is for all the wrong reasons.

    There's also the over-entitlement for "freedom of speech" where people think it's a God-given right rather than a privilege. Any discussion can be mature and open without becoming demeaning, racist, sexist, or otherwise insulting. I find myself reading more of these "entitlement" speeches online everyday via Facebook, Google, etc. where people say whatever they want, disregarding facts and evidence, and try to pass it off as true. If not that, they blatantly insult a race, idea, religion, sex, etc. and point out that under "freedom of speech," they have the "right" to do so. Not the case imo. Once you go from having a diplomatic, insightful and educated point of view on a topic to downright insults, it infringes on other people's "right" not to be treated as such or referred to in such a manner. It's a touchy thing.

    Speaking of information without evidence, that's also a problem for people who are using the Internet for research purposes. So many people try to pass off what they say as truth with false evidence/fake testimonies or simply no proof whatsoever is why Wikipedia isn't a valid research site anymore. I remember in '07 when Wikipedia was #1 in school. Now, you're not even allowed to cite it because, again, "anyone and everyone an edit it, and who knows what's true or not." So sad.\

    If it wasn't for the Internet, we'd all be bored... Wouldn't we? I would at least be dead if it was not for the internet, because I have nothing else to do at my house
    Read a book? I never had TV and Internet was a fairly new concept to me until '06, '07 - around 14-years-old, and even then, it was dial-up speed. Back then I would do what kids generally should be doing: reading, studying, playing outside, exercising, learning by doing. I'm sure you have a nice book lying around or a library nearby.

    When I moved back to Quebec at the end of September, I didn't have Internet until early February - no TV, either, or phone. I went to the library, read some books, studied, worked, etc. Didn't even really play video games. The Internet definitely is not a necessity of life; it just makes life easier in some ways, i.e. citing resources for school work, looking up the weather forecast, etc.

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