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    Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
    Maybe it's more gore-ish than you think.

    Cubone hatches, kills its mother, eats her flesh and wears her skull as a trophy. The reason Cubone cries in RBY isn't because he misses his mom; it's because he didn't get to kill and eat his mother: Team Rocket did instead.

    I think some Pokemon should remain evolution-less. It gives them a type of charm. Girafarig may be one of them. What could a giraffe possibly turn into anyway? I can't think of anything...

    Ooh, that is nasty. Yeah, a tad more goreish that I would've hoped but yeah, there's probably a reason why Cubone doesn't get alot of airtime, although I hope it did.

    I'd say there's an idea of an evo idea for Girafarig. Perhaps a Dark/Psychic type? I can imagine it's tale with the happy smiley face on it could grow and look menacing.
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