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    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    Now for the characters themselves I find Cilan more interesting as he brings the dynamic of different traits such as a Detective, Fishermen, Stamp Collector, cooking fanatic. For me Brock didn't have that, but I did have admiration for his care giving big brother trait for not only his companions but pokemon they had and or encountered.
    As true as that is, three of those four things were already done with characters in the DP series. Looker was a Detective, Brock served as the cook (not a fanatic, but fanatics are usually annoying), and James collects Bottle caps (which aren't stamps, but are still collected).

    Personally, I prefer Brock because - if you can't already tell - I just don't like Cilan. Brock's 'pervertedness' never got old, but I find Cilan annoying when he's trying to be funny. His voice is also really annoying and grates on me.

    And yes, I do know that Brock got a bit stale in the DP series, but when he is given emphasis he is a good character and far more likeable than Cilan as far as I'm concerned.