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    SU Review time:

    DarkHaven3- Fantastic SU even though the character is essentially a human-pokemon hybrid. You can go a long way with her, reveal the secrets behind her.. The horrible gene splicing experiments.. Wait, I got too much carried away :D. Just one minor modification, in your personality section, ". . .down to fencing off stolen goods to Team Neo. . .", change it to Team Rocket as Team Neo was underground at that time and nobody knew about them (still no one in Johto and Kanto other than Prof. Elm and a mysterious person knows about them as they haven't YET made a move). And remember to add the particular phrase of the Rules section in the SU (you will know what phrase I'm talking about if you go through the Rules ).


    So 7 spots are left! If anyone wants to RP antagonists or recurring side characters, PM me!

    I'll post the IC thread once we have 3 accepted characters. Don't be fooled by the simple outlook of the RP, it will surely entice you in its magic by the time we reach Chapter 2!
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