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    Originally Posted by Rayziken 2 View Post
    Also, I want the troll connections from Generaton V to be fixed; Luvdisc should evolve into Alomomola, and Tauros should evolve into Bouffalant.
    I don't understand why people think Bouffalant should be a Tauros evo. So they're both bipedal brown horned mammals, that means they should be related? They're counterparts, like Machop and Timburr, or Geodude and Roggenrola. That's not a "troll connection", it's just people jumping to unreasonable conclusions.

    I agree about Luvdisc though. They don't really work as counterparts when one is more complex in design and has better stats. I suspect Alomomola was originally meant as a Luvdisc evo in Gen IV but got left out; since BW didn't have any evos of old Pokémon, they had to make it a standalone. Which was a really stupid decision imo, but they won't change it now.

    Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
    Rapidash could evolve into some Pegasus-like thing.

    Farfetch'd could finally get some love.

    A calf for Miltank and Tauros, where a male becomes Tauros and a female becomes Miltank (fitting into the X&Y chromosome theme of Gen VI)
    I agree with all of these. Also, Houndoom needs a cerberus evo. Also, I'm sure it's been said a lot, but Mawile and Sableye need evos too.
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