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Originally Posted by lovepokemon(: View Post
Okay guys,
Im done with the main version.I caught everyone of the 386 Pokemon, I have got all the seven gold symbols of the Battle Frontier and i have beaten the Mysterious Man on Immortal Island with my well trained team :
Vaporeon Lvl 100
Hydreigon Lvl 100
Infernape Lvl 96
Shayminsky Lvl 97
Garchomp Lvl 95
Arceus Lvl 85
Thanks again to every one who helped me to fullfill my Pokedex!
Pokemon Flora Sky is just awesome and it guarantee more than 100 hours gameplay (with speed :D)
wow really just wow
does anyone have an idea which pokemon hacks are also so awesome like this one?
I thought you couldn't do the Battle Frontier? :O
Also I got like 80 hours with speed to beat the E4 , though when I use speed it goes to like 1500% lol, and I had to do some Day-Care grinding since when I got to Cynthia she just kicked my ass with my under leveled team :D.
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