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    Originally Posted by Lucario505 View Post
    lol, I found it, after that one subquest I don't think I'll be sleeping for a while

    Originally Posted by jake2003 View Post
    So I've completed the episode (awesome by the way). And I can't seem to find any of the side quests in the wasteland. Anyone got a few hints for me?
    I'll leave this to the others...

    Originally Posted by Ashka View Post
    First off, enjoying this game immensely. I've been playing through it very quickly and now that I've finished the current beta I'm going back and trying to find all the sidequests (exploring the Wastelands has been a lot of fun). There were a few things I wanted to ask about. Firstly, after I crossed Beryl Bridge for the first time, the boy at the abandoned Power Plant thanked me for defeating Drifloon, but I had never encountered one. I'm worried that I've lost a one-time-only chance to catch one. Also, for choices like Igglybuff/Cleffa, will you get a chance to obtain the one you didn't pick, in the wild or otherwise?

    Secondly, I think I need a bit of help finding Munchlax. The Pokedex says it should be in the Wastelands, but I haven't found it in the wild. I thought it was probably in the trees (because Pineco is also apparently available there) but I haven't found any headbutt-able trees so far.

    Finally, could I get a small hint as to where to find Shuppet? Sorry for all the questions.
    Don't be sorry~
    Drifloon is an issue, I thought I fixed that problem like 34 episodes ago. Yeah, back in episode negative twenty seven.
    I'll see if I can find what's doing that, again.
    The other of Iggly/Cleffa will be available eventually. After all, it's not like I can expect you to trade for these. xP
    Munchlax- You're on the right track... But what you're missing is probably right in front of your eyes.
    Shuppet- ...Well, I'll see if anyone else can clue you in there. >>
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