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Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post

Gates to Infinity?

Oh God oh God no. The thing looks absolutely terrible! They only let you play as five set pokemon (I believe it's the Unova starters, Axew and . . . perhaps Pikachu.) and the whole thing sounded . . . intensely bad.
I want another PMD game like Red/Blue and Time/Darkness/Sky. They were both good, and T/D/S had one of the greatest stories in a pokemon game ever.
I completely ignored your advice (rather I didn't see it until now) and frankly I am glad because the new PMD is amazing imo.It might have sounded bad but I enjoyed the story throughout and didn't really put the game down until the credits. I've yet to completely finish the story but I'm close. The story brought me to tears multiple times and despite only being able to pick five Pokemon at the beginning I'd say Companion Mode makes up for it very well. Frankly, I think actually playing the game proves (to me) that you cannot just judge a game or anything just by what you initially are told about it. Nor can you always base your decisions on what other people say.
welcome! may i take your order today?

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