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    Originally Posted by koopafan29 View Post
    got a shiny eevee and a shiny audino both random currently trying to get a shiny riolu gold ftw!!
    EDIT: also can I join???
    Welcome to the club!

    Originally Posted by Kitori View Post

    Not Mienfoo again... but I'll take a shiny two days in a row! 654 REs. =] AND it can learn rain dance for the monthly challenge. I'm working on a Zorua with MM now... only like 25 eggs in but hopefully my luck will stay strong. I plan on continuing the Mienfoo hunt at route 14 later where there are more other pokemon that I would like to have as shinies (Drifblim and Absol :3).

    Thanks! It felt pretty good! I was surprised it came so soon! With the two I've gotten I've felt a tiny surge of disappointment that they weren't the one I wanted but then I remind myself I'm lucky anything is shining for me! I know if I want specifics I should probably just use MM, but I feel like RE is more fun for some reason. ;
    Congrats once again lol! Soooo many shinies!

    Originally Posted by DashieFactory View Post
    I'd like to join, if that's all right.

    I found a Shiny Zubat while playing Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers. I couldn't catch it, but it was my first shiny encounter in all my years of playing and I was really excited!
    Welcome to the club!

    Originally Posted by arxcrusader View Post
    Here is my shiny Totodile! It ended up being a girl so I named her Crystal. She's a relaxed nature and hates to lose and she can learn Rain Dance so that's one for the monthly challenge! Not sure who I'm going to hunt next though, that was my main hunt.

    Another question for you guys, do you ever use your shiny pokemon in game play or evolve them if they can evolve?
    I use them in badge quests, my Treecko & Chikorita, and I plan to have shiny teams hopefully in both my badge quests. Otherwise I just love watching them evolve! Congrats on Totodile, and welcome to the club!

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