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    This thread will be taken down. Even though the project is still alive and we are working on it. Here are a few things that I would love to talk about.

    The Team

    Now, I know what your thinking, "Zerkrom this is the 4th or 5th time you had your Thread Pulled and Replaced (I will get to that in a second)." Well the first reason on why Im getting this thread removed, is because of the team. Usually in Hack Teams nobody would do anything or people might be too busy to contribuite. For this team, Ive already gotten the right people to help make this hack and I can contact them on Skype and by using other means. And so I find that this thread is useless now.


    The Progress of the Hack is going well. The Story has been finalized, the tiles have been picked and are ready to be placed on the ROM, Spritework has finally begun, and our Scripters are currently active.

    New Project
    As I stated above, Yes I am working on a new project. And it doesnt mean that This Hack will be dead because most of the people in this team will be helping me on this new project as well as this hack. Hopefully if the thread is able to be posted on here, more infromation will be given on the new thread.

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