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    Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
    >Names Patricia Jenny (No Relation) and Snipper the Scizor
    "Snipper." You say, catching his attention. "Get over here will ya?" He nodded and approached, leaving the door unguarded. "On the count of three, you and me are going to barge down this door, ok?" You ask, making sure he's caught on.
    "Sci." He answered, nodding and looking at the door. At the count of three you and your partner ram into the door, loosening it slightly.
    "Once more." You tell him, before going again and ramming into it. As the door goes on its hinges you enter the bathroom. It's small and cramped, his toilet is empty, save for a wallet floating in the bowl. You give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it fell in when you knocked the door down. The shower is empty, save for some hair clogging the drain, both brown and black. On the sink lay a few odds and ends, a toothbrush and a Pokemon brush laying on it. The medicine cabinet is lightly ajar and a wire hangs idly from it.
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