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What do you get out of making new friends and maintaining friendships?
Differing opinions and reactions all around. Sometimes on Facebook I'll say the same thing to three different people and see what each of them says in return, or I'll send them all the same link and see how they react. One man's "omg" is another man's "I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE THIS RIGHT NOW".

What do you get out of being in a romantic relationship?
Companionship, I suppose. I've been wondering this for a while. I get marriage because it's legally saying "We tolerate each other enough to combine all of our assets" but relationships aren't like that. For a good length of time in a relationship, you've got your separate stuff and they've got their separate stuff and there's no real feeling of "ours".

To actually answer the question, I guess what I get out of it is a sense of companionship and the feeling that to one person in the world I'm just that important.

What necessarily separates your romantic partner(s) from your friends?
Not much. Probably the physicality of it all. If I'm friends with somebody, then I'm totally down for kissing them. Are they alright with it as well? Not necessarily. But if I was in a romantic relationship with someone then at some point or another they'd be okay with it.
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