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    Well, it would get annoying fast because every battle would have to be a double battle and you would have no control over what your partner would be doing. Although my style of battling is having a balanced team that are a few levels under your opponents strongest pokémon and your partner would most likely have a fairly leveled team that could demolish your opponents team.

    Originally Posted by glitchguy View Post
    It would definitely would be interesting to see but i think it'd make the game too easy maybe they could team up once in a while to defeat the villainous teams and maybe also team up against Liza an Tate.
    I agree to everything you say and I would like to add that a lot of the fun of the game is the creativity it takes to create the perfect team and that this would take away from the fun in the game. It took me 35+ hours to do everything I wanted to do before the Elite Four. If you had a partner, you could complete the game in 20 hours or under.
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