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    Hello! First off I'd like to begin this rather lengthy post by thanking you for this most excellent tool you have developed. I've been using it for the past month on a rather large project, and as expected have come across some potential usability issues and a handful of subtle bugs.

    On the topic of noticed bugs:
    • The map renderer displays a stretched frame the first time it loads. Switching to another map and back fixes this.
    • Selecting multiple models in 3D building view and clicking export only exports the first (perhaps make the list have a maximum of one selected item?)
    • Not sure if this one has been reported yet, but if the ROM is not in the working directory of SDSME, it will fail to load it (silently).
    • It encounters an unexpected error at times when viewing models. If I recall, something among the lines of a specific texture not existing or whatnot. If I allow the app to continue executing, it resumes normal operation.

    And on that of feature requests:
    • You seem to be able to decide on which tileset to use for models: would it be possible to do the same for maps? That way it would be easier to view the map with its proper colours than guessing through at least a dozen tilesets.
    • The model viewer displays that a model has an animation, yet does not give the option of playing the animation.
    • Lack of flexible model support. It can export to WaveFront OBJ andNSBMD , yet neither are really suitable for animated models. NSBMD cannot be loaded by majority of model editors, and unless you were to have a separate OBJ file for each frame of an animated model (i.e. fountain), which would be nasty and lag-inducing, there is no (current) way to achieve this. Other formats, like 3D Max's .3ds or Collada support animation by (IIRC) vertex deltas per frame.
    • Adding onto my last point, its rather painful to attempt to export all models in a ROM for bulk editing. Perhaps an option to export to something other than the NDS building format in the "Export All" menu? I reckon it would be most efficient if it created a new folder for each model, as to avoid conflicts between texture file names.
    • If not, than at least storing "preferences" in a temporary file or a %appdata% entry containing last-used options. This would be useful in scenarios where multiple files need to be exported in something other than NSBMD, so that the user would not have to click on the dropdown to select an alternate option for every single model.
    • Also on the topic of 3D support, I noted a lack of movement capabilities of the model camera. You can move in and out, yes, but from then on its not a large deal to implement a fully movable camera (just a few glRotatef and glTranslatef OpenGL calls). A fully working example with source code can be found here. Yes, it is in Java, but then again Java and C# are much alike. More so when three-quarters of the code is just math and OGL calls.
    Regardless, great piece of software! Keep it up!
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