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    ∣ PROJECT: Eris
    Rustboro Ruins

    Chapter One: Part Eight
    Ashes of Beauty

    Her expression lightened as food arrived, even moreso as the young man offered her his hand. Eris smiled softly (if not slightly nervously) and accepted the hand offered to her, a faint blush forming across her cheeks. It seemed she might have found what she was really looking for: friends. Or even greater: love. However, when this thought came to her mind, she immediately shot it away. She still didn't know who this guy was or if he was the right one for her. Friend was a good start, though. She hadn't anticipated finding one ever! She followed the man wherever he was leading her, nearly silent (as she resisted letting her fingers tremble in the guy's hand). "U-um, call me Eris... That's the only name I know..."

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