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    Update 4:

    We got a big update here for sure!
    I thought Chuck would have been a harder match considering I had 4/5 pokemon at a type disadvantage. 2 normal and 2 rock types against a fighting type gym, also the one who wasnt weak against fighting was Ouija, my haunter. Miltank proved to be ever so great in this gym and took out the Poliwrath with a little help from parahax.

    We surfed back to Olivine, (Because the challenge doesnt supply any fun ones) and healed up ampharos and took on Jasmines gym. Onix had a field day with the magnamites, but once steelix came out, everyone else had a bad time. Onix ended up killing it after screeching a little bit and KOing it with dig.

    We went East to Mahogany town and dealt with that dumb red gyrados. We destroyed team rocket in both the underground hideout, beat the ice gym having a slightly hard time with piloswine and defeated the radio tower. Really kicked team rockets ass.

    I think I'm going to keep haunter a haunter instead of evolving it. Also, I haven't turned in one nugget all game so far, so really doing it without buying items, I figured I can save them right before the elite 4 and red. Almost to Kanto!!
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