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    Levina ~ Cape City Church
    Levina took a small step back as the Poliwrath erupted into a ball of flames. Its’ screams and the sickening sound of its’ skin burning echoed into the air as the Pokemon was cooked alive. A menacing grin appeared on Levina’s face as she watched the Poliwrath burn. She glanced up for a second to see a Typhlosion standing close by glaring before returning her gaze to what was left of the Poliwrath. Her undivided attention to the disturbing event was broken by the appearance of other Sentinels. Within a few moments the rest of the mercenaries were disposed of. Levina let out a loud and annoyed sigh at the sight of all the dead bodies. “Awww man!! I wanted to have some more fun with them! Why did you have to kill them so quickly?” She glared at the others before re-spiking her fur and sat watching the two Sentinels from before approach them. The Meinshao had a Combusken by the neck and tossed the Pokemon off the roof. “You three are the newest of us. Time to show your worth. Come,” He declared and headed for the exit. “Our targets are in sight, and their location is now known to us. We will claim the head of the Madman, and we will end the Gold Tribe, once and for all.” Levina jumped right up and followed Scar happily; glancing back to make sure Snype was also following. Her annoyed scowl was replaced with a happy and evil looking grin as thoughts of killing Gold Tribe members danced about her mind. She turned to her Sableye companion and snickered, “Looks like we finally get to taste Gold blood, hehe.” Levina turned her attention to the new dragon member as he spoke, rolling her eyes at him and his pompous attitude towards them. She leaned in and whispered to Snype, "Wana make a bet to see who can make him lose his cool the fastest?"

    Allora ~ Prison
    Allora growled softly as the soft sting of water was felt on her head and back. The prison was a dump so the fact that any water would be leaking didn’t come as a surprise to her. She glared at the ceiling as if her look would stop the watery snowflakes. Allora started walking in a weaving pattern; hoping that she could somehow dodge the numerous water droplets that began to increase in number. For a second she was able to ignore the familiar sting when her eyes landed on Veletra in her cell. A smile graced Allora’s lips, for the first time in a while, as the relief of finding her washed over her.

    Just then a voice reached out to the group. One that Allora wasn’t familiar with. "I must commend you for getting this far, but I wonder, will you be able to get back now? It's getting awfully wet in there..." Allora looked up to see a plump Castform floating close by. She was about to launch an attack at the gray Pokemon when the gentle rain turned into a raging storm. Allora couldn’t help but panic as water began to rain down on them, flooding the floor. She hated water, being a fire type, and each second she was in contact with it stung. As the water level began to rise, Allora dashed about trying to find a dry sanctuary. She knew this behavior was unacceptable for a Gold Tribe member but she couldn’t help it. This primal-like instinct took ahold of her body and selected her actions for her.

    Allora was just about to dash again when she felt a strong hand scoop her up. The surprise of it forced a small yelp from her as she franticly looked around. She saw that it was Paladin who had scooped her up in an attempt to protect her from the water. Instantly Allora was washed with a wave of gratitude as well as guilt. Paladin was also weak to the water but yet he risked his own safety and endured pain to help protect her when all she did was panic. The fear of water had always clung to Allora, even when she was little. It was the reason why she had such a hard time dealing with water based attacks and opponents. Allora let her body mold into the arm of Paladin and held still as she could to make sure she wasn’t causing any more trouble for him as he ran. ‘At least I can do is help clear the path.’ She thought as she fired an Energy Ball at some floating debris, which blocked the path, and cleared the way.