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    Just thought to bring up a suggestion that I suggested in the Staff Feedback forum, and realized that the thread was going slightly offtopic.

    What do you all feel about a User Appreciation Thread probably in OT (so posts don't count.) Just a thread where you'll be able to say/show your appreciation to any user (member or staff or supporter or whomever) who have done something you are thankful for/ did something outstanding or something that made you happy.. or even someone being friendly. Basically an appreciation thread to give good feedback to anyone and everyone who wants to shoutout to either the forums in general, or even specific people on here too!

    Hopefully maybe posts from the staff thread could be merged into here for further discussion too? But if not, the two threads I suggested is a Staff Bio Thread (to make staff less intimidating because you get to see a blurb of their personality) which would be locked and stickied somewhere like in announcements or New Users/Welcome. And the other thread is the User Appreciation Thread.. (prob in OT) because I think it's nice to throw in an give your appreciation to the awesome people we have here- even if they aren't active anymore or if they never see it, sometimes you just wanna give a shoutout to people who've made you smile or made a good impact on you. :3
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