Thread: FireRed hack: Whisky Brown (PG-13)
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    There you go, looks alot better then last time :>

    I actually took the time to check which were the Starters and I came wiht this conclusion:

    Either my eyes suck or there weren't any selected with blue yet XD

    And just one thing to say:

    Please reduce the size of the screens they are really hard to look at and some people have bad Pc's which would make it hard for those images to load :>
    The starters are Scyther, Pinsir and Heracross :p

    And sure, I'll shrink 'em down.

    Idk, but where's the credit section?

    Isn't that hero OW from PokeMMO? At least you can give credit. Also reduce the size of the screens xD

    From what I'm seeing it looks pretty good. Goodluck on this!
    Damn, forgot a credit section. I'll fix that.
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