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    Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
    That's the weird part though. The problem isn't in just that map, it's in any of them. It isn't even about expanding, since the maps can work with bigger dimensions. As Banjora Marxvile pointed out, the unneeded space can be filled with the same tiles as the border, and it won't look any different. Thanks to that, it's not causing any problems. But it's certainly strange that it crashes with only certain dimensions, yet won't have a problem with bigger ones so the problem lies with that tileset, not expanding.
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    Originally Posted by Mickey` View Post
    Hello (I'm French and I'm only fifteen, so I'm sorry about my bad English ! :s)

    I've got two questions.

    First, is it possible to activate an ASM script just pressing a button (without use a XSE script) ?

    And then, is it possible, with ASM, to appear pictures on the screen, such as our first Pokémon's sprite ?

    Thanks a lot

    1) I believe that JPAN's engine allows the running of a script based upon the press of a button, so it could run a script that just says, "callasm 0x[routine+1]".

    2) You don't need ASM, there are scripting commands for that. Something like showpokepic and hidepokepic.

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