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Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
Pure power seems a bit silly to me. It would be much better to have the actual stats rather than the ability....which could be shut off by another move/ability.

I wouldn't call Pure power a real benefit, it's more of a crutch for Medicham to lean on.
Agreed. It's kind of a shame that Medicham pretty much had to rely on it's ability to be anywhere near useful, and even then, while base 80 speed is decent, it's hardly enough to keep up with the increasingly offensive and speedy metagame (that is OU, of course). I do understand that I've said previously that it's purpose is not to absorb attacks, but better defenses wouldn't really hurt, so at least it wouldn't die to one or two blows or anything like that. That's what I would hope to see in it's evolution, anyway.

That, and probably a better ability.

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