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I'm slowly getting people to give this band a chance lol. Makes me feel accomplished. :]

Anyway, I think it's about time for a topic change since Red Nose Day was almost a month ago and we have a decent amount of people to maybe hold a discussion. And honestly if you want to start your own topics be my guest. The more activity here the better! Ok here's the topic. I'll probably change it in a couple days depending on how quickly people answer. It's a hypothetical situation.

If you bought tickets to a 1D concert for under 100$ and the tickets later had a value of 1000$+, would you sell them or keep them and go to the concert still?

Since 1D is on the TMH tour, and they're coming to Columbus (where I currently am) at some point in June, I was considering buying tickets to see if I could go. I checked how much they were and even the nosebleed "you won't see anything" seats were over 300$ now. A friend of mine on my floor actually bought her tickets (she has 2) for 90$ each and her tickets are worth a little more than 1,500$ which I find ridiculous. She still says she's going but I would honestly give up the experience to make that huge profit that's there. Too good to pass up.

Whenever their next concert is announced I will buy tickets for me and whoever wants to tag along, but then some extras as well so that I can sell them for a profit. It's crazy how much people are able to charge for concerts like this. Floor seats in front of the stage were going for 6,500$ last time I checked.

Also just because I'm obsessed with this version of One Thing:

Also Niall is getting his braces off today (the 3rd). Also Zayn got a new tattoo: