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    Name: Rei Yamashi
    Age: 16
    Gender: M
    Personality: Rei is a coward who hides behind people and Pokémon for the sheer pleasure of trying to feel superior to his peers.
    Rei and his Pokémon never get along because of how Rei treats them with disrespect and commanding so he can improve along the ranks of trainers and get Gym Badges.
    Rei doesn't care whether Team Plasma wins or not he just wants to become a Champion and nothing will stop him from achieving that goal except a Big Mac with extra Pickles and Some Fries And a Extra Large Soda.
    Appearance: Rei is the streo-typical Asian dude being 4'01" and 63 Pounds. He wears black glasses with clear white lens so he can see Even though he has 20'20 Vision. He wears the same collared shirt everyday ironed to perfection so that the tip of the collar could be used as a weapon to seriously injure someone and put them in the Hospital.
    He has Church Jeans that are Tan Colored and Church Shoes that are shiny that if your walking through 8'00" grass you could still see his shoes glimmering to perfection.
    History: Rei has never failed a class in his entire life passing all of them with straight A's, And never getting expelled or suspended. He took after school karate and Learn How To Become A Ballerina In 1 Week and also MMA where he seriously beat the Crap out of people thay stood no chance. He never liked Pokémon he just wanted power pokemon. When Rei was younger his dad Lt. Surge gave him a Egg that Hatched into a Pichu and he never gave it the chance it deserved to mature so one dark, gloomy day he left Pichu who he nicknamed Rat Face in a Forest then magically he fell through a sewage system and met a Garbador Who swallowed him and spit him out on the front lawn of Rei then Rei proceeded to kick Rat face in the face until Rat Face was back in Kanto from the power of the Kick.
    Rei is from Klandor a region that is yet unknown to the public he was later deported to Unova
    Sneasel Male Nickname Ramses III Egg Move: Ice Punch if that is realistic
    Legendary Terrakion
    RP Sample:
    'It's been one week since Professor Pine said I could get my Pokémon.'
    So on a cold dark gloomy day that will soon turn sunny Due to a Venasaur using Sunny Day to use Solarbeam but that's happening in another region *Kanto* I hope that's good enough cause I'm Tired.
    Team Plasma will crumble underneath Team Rockets feet.
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