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Relation to Canada: Immigrated to Montreal when I was 3. Then I moved to London, and have been in Toronto ever since. I love Canada, so much that you could call me a nationalist. I don't think I could've developed an immigrant/citizen identity anywhere else. I do have a multicultural identity that is probably only representative of Toronto, so my "Canadian" experience is quite limited in that respect. Other than that, I frequently compare Canada with the States to come to the conclusion that we are better. Let the bigotry flow freely!

Favourite Province: Ontario. Actually Toronto. I've lived, gone to school, hung out with friends, and conducted business in an area - and it's not even a neighbourhood, a pretty big area - where racial minorities are 90% of the population for 10 years. University came along and then I learned that white people live in Canada too. Oops.

Reason for Joining: I had no idea this club existed! I've been lurking in emulation for the past three years, so I guess this is relatively new. But I always want to embrace my Canadian identity, no matter where I am.


Why is it still so cooooold. I got all my snow to melt, but somehow it's still freezing. Wait actually I think this is supposed to happen. There is always a thaw at the end of March and a freeze the week after. I remember when it snowed pellets on April Fool's day in grade 4. Apparently the weather will be tolerable Thursday.