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Welcome to my first personal game that I've created, Pokemon Amber! I'm sure you'll enjoy this project in the final stage, but it's currently a work in progress and I would be glad for people to help me out! PM me if you'd like to help! Quick obligatory answer: Yes, the plan is to have a full dex of fakemon implemented in the region. I'm working on the stater concepts, but spriters, concept artists, and other jobs are available to anyone that would like to help!

Now let's move on to the cool stuff.


You live in the region of Erio, as an inspired young trainer ready to begin your adventure, when you find out that, of all things, your family has been tangled with a band of the region's most dangerous cult, The Omega, for over fifty years! Your mom takes no time explaining to you the details of this shocking revelation, and ushers you to the nearest dock where you set sail to the main-land of Ario. There, you acquire your pokemon and begin your journey travelling the pokemon region, fighting The Omega as you collect your gym badges. Unfortunately for you, as time goes by, more is revealed about The Omega's master plans, and it is up to you to stop them from destroying the world!

I wish this could be longer, but it's subject to change as well. The main idea of the game is presented, though

  • 4th generation graphics with 5th generation trees and other tiles scattered around as well
  • A full fakemon dex to come; other pokemon from previous regions will be available
  • All the features of a regular pokemon game!
  • Colosseum Valley, a new addition to the game that will be explained further at a later time!
  • Lots more gameplay is planned for post-elite four!

Erio PokeDex:

Credits to orohnpokemon and MasterYamVin of dA
(No, #117 will not be the final pokemon, this is just a smaller version for now)

More to be revealed soon!


all graphics are subject to change

  • Myself - Programmer, Mapper, Concept Artist, Spriter, Idealist, Director and Creator
  • Maruno and the Pokemon Essentials Team - Surprise, I'm using Essentials!
  • Kyledove - Tilesets
  • Pokemon Raptor - Inspiration
  • 4th Gen Matt - 4th Gen Resource Pack
  • turtwig2, DarkDragonn of dA - More Tilesets
  • ~BaconBoy914 of dA - Froakie sprite, Team Omega OWs
  • Varion - Ollie OW
  • Scarf - Cora VS Sprite
  • venom12, Luka S.J. - VS Script
  • HelioAU - Last Pokemon Gym Script
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