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    Game: Will be doing all Gens, so FireRed->Crystal->Emerald->Diamond->White 2

    EDIT: As I'm racing my friend in this, he got a headstart, but we got confused as to whether the whole cave counts as the area, or if each floor counts as an area each.

    Update 1:

    Me and my friend decided to catch our first Pokemon on the other floors of Mt. Moon, but have refrained from using them until we work out whether we should use them or not.

    So far, my run has been pretty easy, with only two deaths, although both of them were some of the main members of my team. Fortunately, I found replacements soon enough for the team to remain complete.


    I forgot to take screenshots of my first two rival battles, but they were easy wins because I had my four Pokemon at level 10 for the second battle.

    This battle was easily soloed by Mankey because on Karate Chop 2HKOing Geodude despite some decent damage, followed by a OHKO on Onix by Low Kick.

    I nearly lost my Charmeleon in this battle from a Critical hit by Pidgeotto, but a return critical by my Spearow's Peck, allowing my Mankey to finish the battle by taking out Rattata and Squirtle.

    Probably my easiest battle yet because of Oddish'd combination of Sleep Powder and Absorb allowing me to crush the Staryu easily and the Starmie just as easily.

    With my newly evolved Nidoking and my Dugtrio luckily just caught in Diglett's Cave, allowing me to crush my rival under their might.

    The Team so far:

    Pierce hasn't really been all that great so far, but since the evolution just before fighting my rival, his power has grown significantly, meaning I expect a lot more from him in the upcoming gym battle with Lt. Surge.

    Coco has been effective at times, which is to be expected after the 15 minutes of training I did with it on Route 1, being most useful in wild battles, but not all that effective in battles with gym leaders and rival battles.

    Triad has only taken part in two battles, one against a trainer on Route 11 with two Magnemites and a Magneton, soloing him and the battle with my rival on SS. Anne, OHKOing Kadabra and Raticate. I expect a lot against Lt. Surge.

    As you can probably tell from the name, FletcherII isn't the first Pidgey I've used, being my second one this run. Despite its usefulness, I'm still expecting it to die at some point as I never have any luck with the Pidgey line in nuzlockes, which annoys me due to it being my second favourite of the basic birds behind Swellow.

    Ah, Blaze. I've never decided as to whether I prefer Venusaur or Charizard, but I can definitely see why someone would prefer using the Charmander line prior to Gen IV. If I've ever got in trouble, this guy has jumped in and knocked out anything in my path.

    This guy has been a dominating addition to my team since I first caught it. The speed at which it levels coupled with its Sleep Powder and Absorb combination has a phenomenal effect.