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    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    Here are some offsets for the Pokedex HUD:
    0x451F55 = X position of text list
    0x451F56 = Y position of text list
    0x451F5D = X position of Habitat picture
    0x451F5E = Y position of Habitat picture
    0x451F65 = X position of "Seen:__ Owned:__" box
    0x451F66 = Y position of "Seen:__ Owned:__" box
    0x451F61 = BG Palette number that habitat picture uses
    0x4520C8 = # of list entries on main pokedex page (National Pokedex enabled only)

    Mess around with the bytes at those offsets, allowing you to do stuff like this:
    I know this post of Chaos Rush was decades ago but I found another offset.
    452010 = # of list entries on main Pokedex page (Regional)

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