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    Oh golly, another woodland wanderer! Welcome to the team Foxrally. Just feel free to post whatever trouble you wanna make around the guild hall. There's a lot of NPCs around that are free to control and everything. I'll promise than when Lynn, Ewan and Naomi get back from their mission, I'll plan something to involve interaction between all Woodland Wanderers members.

    Also, I am trying to keep a list of established members -- former, current, playing character or not -- of the Woodland Wanderers to make everything conventiently arranged:

    So far, we've got

    Current Members
    Lynn Hawkeswood, Ampharos, female, Chief
    Ewan, Breloom, male, Second-In-Command
    Oliver, Servine, male, Third-In-Command
    Naomi Sanders, Cubchoo, female
    Ryan Willarums, Snover, male
    Ponyta, female
    Marco, Lopunny, male
    Buizel, male
    Treecko, male

    Former Members
    Lance, Abomasnow, male, Chief
    Eleanor, Swampert, male, Second-In-Command, later Chief
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