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    Hey again everyone! I'm here with a progress update. Or lack thereof, in this case. Since my last release I really haven't done much hacking to advance Throwback; real life has been getting in the way, especially at the present moment. It also doesn't help that my hacking computer is currently in for repairs...

    Regardless, I intend to return to this in the near future. I've got a friend who might be interested in learning how to get into scripting. If I do end up helping him out, I feel my desire to come back to this will only grow!

    I have a couple ideas as to what I want to do next, but they might be a bit expansive and require quite a deal of time commitment to finish. Rest assured, though, that whatever that next big step is, with it will come quality and pseudo-authenticity. I hope everyone who's tried the hack out so far has had fun!


    Originally Posted by dkp View Post
    I found a very minor typo; Nidorina is misspelled as Nidorana, with an extra a. Trivial to correct, however, with any rom-level pokemon editor or even a hex editor (change C8 DD D8 E3 E6 E2 D5 E2 to C8 DD D8 E3 E6 DD D5 E2 ).

    Something else might be to search "S " (CD 00) and its variants in a hex editor, especially one like Goldfinger, to correct the remaining itemS like errors. It seems they follow certain variables, so in the code the message might be something like "You received n POINTERS" and the game is simply reusing the same message over and over as a space-saving, work-saving technique.

    This was very nice to play through; I really think you have a wonderful design philosophy. Great work on the audio, not too many seem up to the task of sound hacking.Thanks.
    Thanks for the report! I was bound to miss a few things...but "Nidorana?" Wow, I feel like I've committed a crime against all things sacred in Pokémon. Also, I did crush as many of the "ItemS" instances as I could find. There's a chance that events involving multiples of the same item received at once have it hardcoded into the game. If other decapped hacks have that right, I'll check again. When I get back to the hack, this will be top priority.
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