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Originally Posted by Don Juan View Post
I am interested to hear the say of Her Majesty the Queen on this issue. She is the monarch of the U.K. and, at the same time, the 'Supreme Governor' of the English Church.
The Queen does virtually nothing around here, haha. I can't remember, in my 15 years of having lived in this country, her doing anything of major importance other than bringing in a ton of tourism money. I guess it'd be interesting to hear what she has to say but her opinion probably won't come into this too much.

Anyway - I'd like to bring focus back to what Mr Cat Dog posted earlier;
Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog
Just for reference, it hasn't been legalized yet, and still actually has a fair bit to go.

The bill has only been passed by the House of Commons and still needs to be passed by the House of Lords (i.e. the equivalent of a Senate in most other countries). Indeed, because of the heavily Conservative party majority in that house, it will probably have a tougher ride getting through that House. The bill passing in the Commons is certainly an optimistic sign (although, given opinion polls broadly expressing favour in the UK for gay marriage, it would have been a massive shock had it been defeated), and that's something to be proud of, but it's not out of the woods yet.
Anyone know where we stand now?

california dreamin'.
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