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    When I was younger (probably about 5) I had a Gameboy Advance and Pokemon Yellow. I got at least to Lavender Town, maybe further I don't remember much. Then in a clear out it was acidently put with the things to go to the charity shop (along with my sisters gameboy and Mario game (she wasnt that bothered)) My younger cousin also likes pokemon, he had already giving me a Pikachu teddy and some pokemon cards. He was having problems on his pokemon black game, (I got mine on release and managed to beat the game in just over 6 months) and as I had beaten the game I could tranfer over pokemon. My cousin had a ton of strong legendary (most probably hacked with Action Replay) so I let him use my game to tranfer them over and trade to his game. As he hadnt caught enough pokemon I ended up with his Victini and he let me keep his shiny Lugia and Latias. I told him I had pokemon yellow but it got given away and as a thanks for transfering over his pokemon he gave me his copy. I still didnt have a gameboy so the cartridge sat in my game box hiding within a mass of wire from old chargers and spare conection cables for the wii. Then about a month ago in a desperate hunt for my DS lite charger to trade over some pokemon to my game I found the cartridge. I literally carried it around with me everywhere, hunted ebay for a good value gameboy, my mum noticed and a couple of weeks ago welcomed me home with a gameboy adbance SP she brought from cash converters. And I sat down with my pikachu teddy and played the game, I was actually tearing up at the title screen as childhood memories flooded back. No matter how silly it sounds I wont forget that moment, I loved pokemon as a child (mainly becuase of pikachu) Then I became a pokemkn obssed teenager, (the next pokemon game I played after yellow was Mystery dungeons explorers of time then heartgold) and it was sort of linking those pieces of my life. I'm dreading the moment the save battery dies.

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