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    A few of my Skype contacts told me that the Brony community is liking the show for the wrong reasons, and they're saying it's because of the memes like standing Lyra and Trollestia. Is this really true? Have we been liking the show for all the wrong reasons? They also don't like how it's isolating the target demographics (little girls).
    I don't think we're liking the show for the wrong reasons. I do know there is a very small fraction of the community that call themselves Bronies and then just spread around obnoxious memes which doesn't exactly help us get liked or accepted. I will admit when my friend Claire told me we were going to watch MLP (this was my first time even hearing about the show, about a year ago) I laughed and said "Are you kidding me?" But then I sat down and watched it and now it's one of my favorite shows.

    I can't speak for everyone, but I'm part of the fandom for the show, music, animations, fanmade stories and art and, well, pretty much everything I can get my hands onto.

    Welcome, Dashie! I was expecting your arrival <3

    You really shoud watch Snowdrop. It's by far my favorite fanmade episode. I mean, it did made me cry at least, some people do have some "liquid pride" in them. xD
    Thank you! o//o You make me feel so at home here.

    I know, you guys and my Skype friend has been telling me to watch Snowdrop, which I plan to do after school today.