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    Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
    Hmm? Are you keeping up with the anime? Or are you watching something else? They've certainly become stronger and more competent. They've been actually presented as a legitimate threat to Ash&co lately. I mean they've been competent throughout Unova, but lately the writes have been reviving their old personalities and alternate goals to make them more well-rounded and interesting characters. And they're fairly powerful and sneaky and acting intelligently. They've been amazing lately, and seem to only be getting better.
    I'll admit that I didn't watch too much of the Unova saga... Just wasn't my cup of tea. I've mainly been watching the Sinnoh arc as I didn't watch too much of that either... I do know that Woobat is quite a good battler, though. Then again, how many times have Team Rocket managed to screw up a Pokémon that you think would be a good battler.

    But it's good to know that they're finally posing a threat to Ash and Co.; after 13 series, it's about darn time. Heck, I might even start watching the anime again now because of this; badguys who are competent after all of this time.

    And now that I think of it, Unova was meant to be a bit of a reboot, so that's probably why they've been given new personalities and such. Hopefully the new Team Rocket will stick around and not just slowly become their old selves again. I still want to see some of their older Pokémon return, though.

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