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    I'm setting aside playing Fire Emblem: Awakening for now, and I'm going to focus on a game that I haven't played in ages:

    Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.

    No pun intended! In any case, I really love this game; as a kid, I found it to be really hard, because often enough, you're trying to figure out where to go, because your just given vague hints from the Deku Tree... (which is a female in this game!) Compared to the Oracle of Seasons, the Oracle of Ages has more of a variety of puzzles, which is cool for me, because I do love the puzzles from the Zelda games! Plus, it does have more of a story line than the Oracle of Seasons, imo; with Veran, Nayru, Queen Ambi, and Ralph... yeah, quite the crew.

    Right now, I've just beaten the 6th dungeon - the Mermaid's Cave, and god, it was just so long and puzzling to figure out. Like, there is a Mermaid's Cave in the present, and there's a Mermaid's Cave in the past, so, you have to go through each of the times and enter this cave in order to get all of the keys, and the Mermaid Suit. But anyway, once I did all of that, it was time to fight the boss, and ergh, he gave me trouble at first, but, it wasn't too bad.

    Then it was time to enter Queen Ambi's palace, and ugh, you know what I always hated about Zelda games the most? The parts on where you'd have to sneak around to get unnoticed. That's exactly what you'd have to do here, in order to get all these switches. But once I did all of that, it was time to fight Naryu possessed by Veran, but she was easy; all you'd have to do is use Mystery Seeds on her, then use the Switch hook, and slash Veran with your sword.

    Currently, now I have to find the 7th dungeon, in which it's inside a big-fish of some kind. Well, it's obviously Jabu-Jabu's belly, but, egh, I just have to find it first. XD

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