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    Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    Hey guys! I tried putting the offsets I found here at the FontGFX and Font Width Part of the Pokeroms.ini of Fonted but it gives me "Run-time error '380': Invalid property value". Any idea on how to fix this?
    Well, there could be many reasons behind the error. But, it sounds like this is just a typical error behind the program not recognizing a value due to the format it's being written at.

    If you're using hexadecimal numbers to mark the addresses, the prefix of the values could for example be one of these: "$", "0x", "x", or, the value might not need a prefix at all. It all depends on how the programmer of the tool wanted to create it. Also, the ini-file might also not be able to deal with hexadecimal at all, and you'd have to convert the values into decimal first to be able to load data at those addresses (or the other way around).

    On the other hand, by what I picked up from diego's thread there, editing the font can be achieved really easily just by using Tile Molester (although it may not sound like that because you can't see images of the process there), so you don't really even need this additional font editing tool for the job.

    Pretty much everytime the graphics aren't compressed (just like you can compress data inside zip-archives, graphics data can also be compressed inside the rom with a certain compression routine, to make the images/sprites fit in smaller space), you can edit them with a tile layer editor, like Tile Molester, without having an additional program "making the job easier".

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