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Name: Sam Scooter

Nickname: Sammy

Age: 12

Species: Gligar

Team: Crossblade Crew

Title: Member

Appearance: He's a normal apart that he's chubbier than normal Gligar.

Personality: Sam is always the weakling of the group, he always acts like a kid and does stupid things, he also loves to eat and if someone steals his food he's attacks him with outrage and knocks them down. Sam hates flying although he knows how to fly because he is really scared of heights so he stays on the ground.

Historyam was born as a chubby Gligar where his parents abandoned him.He was found by a group of Kangaskahn then was raised by them. At the age of five he was given to a group of Gliscor so he could learn to fly, by that time, he was really fat, it took him three more years until he mastered flying.When he became eleven,he left the Gliscor group because he didn't evolve, and felt himslef left out.

He went travelling trying to find a shelter,he finally found a one in Atarip town.He always was gathering berries and attacking the people who were stealing his berries.One day,a Scolipede stole his berries and he went to attack it.The Scolipede was too strong for Sam. He was left with bruises all around him waiting for someone to come and help him.After three days he woke up and started moving,he was still weak and was searching for someone to help him and finally found a base near the sea.He went asking for help.After days of healing Sam was asked by the leader if he wanted to join the Crossblade Crew,it took him some time to think,but then he finally made his mind and joined the team.

Level: 20

Moveset: Outrage,Xscissors,Shadow Claw,Hidden Power (Dragon),Bite
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