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Apparently even college can't keep me from having way too much spare time on my hands... so I knocked together a mockup of the starter town in PSP. This is largely the sort of tiles I want to work with. Tiles from here, here, and here.

The path probably needs some work, that gap in the trees in the lower right is the result of a copy-paste error I didn't feel like fixing, and I vaguely feel it's missing something. The fence on the right is a placeholder for a gate- not a separate map route gate, but like a chain-link fence, the sort of thing you'd put up and hand a "no trespassing" sign on. Ho-oh statue is also a placeholder. I'd post this on the Map Showcase thread, but I'm not sure if you're allowed to post mockups or if it's actual maps only. So, whaddyou guys think?

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