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Okay guys, just letting you know that in Red's prolonged but hopefully temporary absence I'll be handling the GMing of this RP (unless you have a problem with this). So, in light of this, I'm going to ask if you would rather I create a new OOC thread for Echo or if you'd would like me to post a temporary place holder in here to fill in for the OP until Red's returns.

Onwards to answering Xlugon and Nomsammich.
@Xlugon - It's a shame your leaving, I may not have RPed directly with you but I loved how incredibly detailed your posts were. Hopefully you'll be able to rejoin in the future.

@Nomsammich - With Xlugon having left the RP there is indeed a spot open now if you would like to reserve one of the available starters (Including Grovyle and probably Charmeleon).

Next on my list of things to do
@Red's - I hope this post was okay since I'm not exactly sure when the transfer of GMing duties is occurring, I just assumed ASAP.

@Everyone - I'll be posting the next part of Corvin's adventure relatively soon but due to the amount of RPs I'm GMing (let alone in) and other RL concerns my post will probably be delayed until some time next week.

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