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Originally Posted by koopafan29 View Post
ooh unlucky I found a s'tank and it killed itself lol

oh god I found a shiny patrat I accidently miss clicked and clicked run -.-
Oh no! Double unlucky. Or is that double lucky for seeing them both? Maybe it just cancels out and you're neither lucky nor unlucky. Haha. ;

Originally Posted by koopafan29 View Post
one quick question can azurill learn raindance?
Yes it can, here's a list of all the pokemon who can learn rain dance:

Originally Posted by arxcrusader View Post
Here is my shiny Totodile! It ended up being a girl so I named her Crystal. She's a relaxed nature and hates to lose and she can learn Rain Dance so that's one for the monthly challenge! Not sure who I'm going to hunt next though, that was my main hunt.

Another question for you guys, do you ever use your shiny pokemon in game play or evolve them if they can evolve?
Congrats on the totodile! As for your question - I used the shiny flaafy I found in heartgold and then was disappointed when it evolved to ampharos... While it's purple, and that should satisfy me, I thought the shiny flaafy was just so cute. I should have left it alone. ; I haven't used any other shiny in game except to build my competitive teams... and those have been shinies I've had traded from other people. I guess it would depend on if I like how it looks evolved?

...As for my hunts! I switched over to trying to get a shiny zorua with MM, but I got bored really quickly. I've done about 120 eggs so far... I don't think I'll give up but I think it will be an extended project between RE hunts. I find RE much more enjoyable from what I've tried at this point. I've restarted my mienfoo hunt at route 14 and I'm 350 REs in so far. I've also given chimchar a few SRs on my platinum but I'm thinking REs are my hunting method of choice after trying them all. ; We'll see, I'd like to SR for shiny legendaries at some point but I'm not sure how soon that'll be.

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