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The Queen has no real power of her own- she has de-facto stepped aside from politics and religion alike. The Prime Minister is the leader of the Government and the Archbishop of Canterbury is the leader of the Church, and the "Royal Consent" means that the Queen will just sit and nod at everything they decide in her name. So if the Parliament passes a law legalizing same-sex marriage, she'll just say "okay". I doubt she'll even give a personal opinion as it could be understood as "putting pressure on Parliament". And the House of Commons will not allow any Monarch to even enter the building, much less to allow her opinions to interfere.

Anyone know where we stand now?
It has passed the Comitee stage, it will move into the Report stage for last-time amendments and then for a third reading in the Commons. If the law passes again (which, seeing how the second reading went, it's a given), it will go into The Other Place for the same procedure (two readings, comitee, report, last reading), and then back to the Commons for a review of the Lords' proposed amendments. If they don't like them, an extra year will be needed to override them and pass the Commons' version.
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