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    I watched the recent Mojam, where Mojang (of Minecraft fame) and a few others made games over the period of a few days. It was fun to watch, and gave an insight into how professionals would go about making a game from scratch.

    Obviously we couldn't go for anything quite so ambitious as making something from scratch, but we've got various software like RMXP and GameMaker to help, plus the contents of the Interweb to use as resources, so I think it wouldn't be too far-fetched to expect some people to make small games in a week. It's worth considering.

    I've had another think about the thread prefixes, and here's my new list:

    Game Development
    • [Discussion]
    • [Question]
    • [Event]
    • [GDM]
    Games Showcase
    • [Demo]
    • [Completed]
    Progressing Games
    • [Idea]
    • [Demo]
    • [Completed]
    • [RBY/GSC graphics]
    • [RSE graphics]
    • [FRLG graphics]
    • [DPPt/HGSS graphics]
    • [BW/B2W2 graphics]
    • [Graphics]
    • [Music]
    • [Audio]
    Scripts & Tutorials
    • [Essentials script]
    • [Essentials tutorial]
    • [Script]
    • [Tutorial]
    • [Program]
    • [Engine]
    • [Guide]
    Pokémon Essentials
    • [Question]
    • [Discussion]
    • [Release]
    Some noticeable changes here. Firstly, the removal of the engine tags from the two game sections, because I'm not sure what the point of having that information in the thread's title is. Surely an indicator of the game's progress is more important? The engine and other software/kits will still be mentioned in the thread itself anyway. Are there more progress stages that should be added? Just the two/three seems rather small.

    Secondly, different prefixes for different kinds of graphics in Resources. They'll cover tilesets, sprites and charsets, and there's the regular "Graphics" tag for anything else. Music and audio don't need to be split into generations, of course.

    Thirdly, a couple of "Essentials" tags in Scripts & Tutorials, and a "Guide" tag for more generalised tutorials (e.g. How To Design A Good Map). And yes, engines will go in there rather than the main section, where they'll benefit from the lack of a necroposting limit (you'd be surprised how many Java engine threads I found during my rummaging).

    Lastly, Pokémon Essentials loses the "Add-ons" prefix, because anything like that can go in Resources or S&T instead. I'm not sure whether to keep the "Release" tag.

    Of course, these prefixes aren't intended to be all-encompassing. If a thread you're making doesn't fit one of them, just don't use a prefix.

    Any comments on these?
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