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    Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
    Shiftry is one, it has reasonable stats and a fairly diverse movepool. It may not be as good as some but it is pretty awesome (especially as of Gen V).

    Castform because as I have said before it is hugely diverse, doesn't have terrible stats and sunny castform can deal X5 damage with weatherball.

    Walrein - It can take a beating, has good typing, good stats and has a pretty decent movepool.
    I have used shifty and walrein a number of times and they are actually really awesome. Quite a few of my friends actually use these pokémon a lot too so I wouldn't call them underrated. I would have to say in some people's minds Crobat is pretty underrated and has absolutely amazing speed. Also Exploud, even though it is a normal type, it has decent defense and attack stats and can learn some really good moves.

    Pikachu is boss!
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