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Originally Posted by Spritingyoshi22 View Post
I have a question:

Once I find shiny Dialga on my Diamond version (Currently at 1853 SRs), I plan on returning to my Ralts hunt (236 eggs) but the japanese ditto i'm using was created by me on pokegen as I can't access Wi-Fi on Gen 4 games. So would that make the eventual shiny Ralts not legit or would it still be legit?
It's down to the person; I don't think (sorry if I'm wrong on this) there is a rule against it in the club. I think it's just down to you Good luck with both targets!

As for myself:
Firered came today, so I just restarted it and saved in front of Squirtle. That's a future hunt for sometime - but I have tons of others to get done first. Once I'm done with Moltres and Eevee, I'm gonna finish Dialga (~1k) and Kyurem (~7k) for the 4th and 5th gen legs of the Yearly Quest. Then onwards to both badgequests, and then maybe I can do Squirtle! Lol :D 11k-ish encounters so far without a shiny
My hunts:
Eevee MM - 1140
Moltres SRs - 1240
I ended up hunting Eevee till 3am last night without realising...
Whoops XD

i spent too many late nights
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