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The Gray Warriors, part 1.

♦ Commenced my final branch of the Ultimate Gray challenge by catching a Lillipup on Floccesy Ranch, and a Pidove right outisde, after doing all the beginning stuff of course. They were named Charoite and Jadeite respectively.
♦ Took on Cheren after training them up and finding that guy's Herdier, and won with ease.
♦ Made my way over to Virbank City, and decided to go to the Virbank Complex. While in there, Charoite evolved into a Herdier!
♦ Went to the gym and faced Roxie, who was taken down with both Charoite and Jadeite.
♦ Hit the Movie Studios and got the starring role. After my 15 minutes were up, I sailed to Castelia City and immediately had to chase down some Plasma Grunts.
♦ Found them in the sewers, and beat them with the help of my rival. Then I continued to the Relic Passage and found a Drilbur (after an extremely long time, I might add) that I named Krypton.
♦ Trained Krypton and the others up on some Audinos before taking on the gym, and Jadeite evolved into a Tranquill!
♦ Jadeite breezed through the gym with Air Cutter. After the fight, I encountered Colress and later beat him on Route 4.
♦ Got to the Desert Resort and battled some trainers before continuing to Nimbasa City.
♦ After some events, I took on Elesa and won easily thanks to Krypton's Dig.
♦ On the way to Driftveil City, Charoite, Jadeite and Krypton all evolved!
♦ Beat Charles the Heartbreaker and finally made it to Driftveil, where my first order of business was to get a Zorua from Rood. I had to battle him first though, which I did, and won. Since Zorua used to belong to N, I sadly couldn't name it, but if I could... Quartz. Yes.
♦ Equipped the Exp. Share onto him and began battling in the gym. Eventually reached Clay, who wasn't too difficult with Charoite's Work Up and Crunch.
♦ Went to the Pokémon World Tournament, and competed in a round there.
♦ Got out and went on Plasma's ship with Cheren and my rival, where we beat up some goons.
♦ Currently saved in the Pokémon World Tournament.


Zoroark, Lv 33 (♂)
Item: Exp. Share
Night Slash, Foul Play, Snarl, Taunt

Krypton the Excadrill, Lv 33 (♂)
Item: None
Hone Claws, Mud Slap, Dig, Rock Slide

Jadeite the Unfezant, Lv 33 (♀)
Item: None
Air Slash, Air Cutter, Roost, Quick Attack

Charoite the Stoutland, Lv 34 (♀)
Item: Silk Scarf
Work Up, Ice Fang, Take Down, Crunch
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