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Originally Posted by Master Magikarp View Post
I would have to disagree with part about Breloom. (It's OU.) And why hasn't anyone said Chimecho?
Chimecho, now that's one that for some time I thought you couldn't catch, until Bulbapedia said for me to look on top of Mt. Pyre. Now I'd say a few other ones would be Castform, Slaking, I myself didn't use my Slakoth because of his ability, although I found it extremely hard to beat Norman's Slaking without the right Pokémon.
I'd say Tropius is used as a mere HM slave when he could be a monster. I disagree with Altaria being underrated though, I've always used her for my Dragon-type attacks against Drake. Wurmple and any other Bug-type early on are also underrated, I myself just leave them be. The Whismur line also seams to be very underrated.
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